EMS Aftermarket Services

Value Engineering

Our engineers can systematically examine your electronic product’s functions compared to their costs, giving you clear recommendations for both potential cost reductions and performance improvements.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Over the last two decades, we’ve manufactured thousands of different PCBAs and complete electronic products for our customers. So we learned how to be highly efficient in the PLM process, including:

  • Beginning of Life (BOL): How to take your raw product concepts and make them into practical and efficient-to-manufacture engineering designs.
  • Middle of Life (MOL): Utilizing our value engineering expertise, we’ll work with you to continually maximize our manufacturing value and your product’s competitiveness. Includes: product information management, repairs, refurbishments, and warranty exchange services.
  • End of Life (EOL): Strategic forecasting and planning for the end of life stage of your electronics to determine the best use of inventories.
  • Refurbishments & Warranty Exchanges

    DBG’s aftermarket support can be tailored to include in-depth warranty and refurbishment services for your electronic products.

    Working closely with your project manager, we can determine the most economical and expedient ways to both fulfill your warranty obligations and your customers’ pressing needs.

    ems aftermarket services including warranty repairs or exchanges