Design For Excellence (DFx) & New Product Introduction (NPI) Services

Product quality, manufacturability, and cost effectiveness can all be best leveraged at the very early stages of electronics design.

By using our DFx electronic design engineering services, you’ll be assured that your circuits, PCBAs, and electro-mechanical devices will have the following EMS competitive advantages:

  • Increased PCBA yields through our Design for Fabrication (DFF)
  • Improved assembly processes — while reducing labor — as part of our Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Enhanced electronics production reliability via Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • More efficient and reliable testing as part of our Design for Testing (DFT)
  • Reduced lead times and material costs through our Design for Supply Chain (DFSC)
  • Engineering Development

    Only after thoroughly performing Design for Excellence engineering, as outlined above, can a meaningful, practical, and testable prototype be made.

    Pilot Production Builds

    After any modifications are made based on the prototypes, DBG can quickly deploy pilot production builds to verify the entire PCBA fabrication, assembly, and testing process.

    Test Design: ICT & Functional

    As part of our Design for Testing (DFT), we will work — in the pre-production planning — with your engineers to design the appropriate in-circuit tests (ICTs) and functional tests for your electronic product and its applications and environments. (Also see our Verification and Tier 1 Testing.)